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Implement BUS Breakaway Connector (IBBC)
Implement BUS Breakway Connector (IBBC)The Implement BUS Breakaway Connector (IBBC) from Powell Electronics is a cost effective connector for CAN based implement systems. The IBBC is a connector interface that is standardized after ISO 11783-2, connecting tractor and implement. The standardization makes it possible to connect and power all implements and systems that require ISO BUS communication. The necessary electronics to enable communication on a highly intelligent level, as described and standardized in ISO 11783, are fully integrated. The IBBC maintains full compatibility with ISO 11783-2 standard insuring the implement communication with tractor or construction vehicle.

The IBBC is a popular choice due to its ease of use during both the production of the tractor and by the operator. The IBBC is designed with two rear connectors for ease of assembly and sourcing and is made from materials chosen for their impressive ability to withstand the aggressive liquids and materials used in the agricultural industry. The latch mechanism is a patented design to ensure optimal performance. The IBBC uses an innovative design consisting of a die cast aluminium handle and a patented locking latch/release mechanism that holds the mating connector securely in place. Using this design instead of a typical bayonet-locking pin and ring has many benefits:

The implement harness connector is easier to line up and push into place.
Because the handle is of powder coated aluminium, it will not corrode due to exposure to farm and other chemical substances.
The handle holds the connector firmly in place, but the latch/release allows the connector to break away in case of mishaps. This breakaway function will successfully perform more times than any product on the market.
Furthermore, the Powell IBBC offers the following benefits over an alternative box:

Smaller (in-cab space envelope)
Printing circuit board already included
Consistent release point (after breakaway)
Easier to use by operator
More breakaways without damage
Global group prices
Easier to install (Plug and Play)
Shorter assembly and mounting time required
Safer to replace (disconnection of power)
Less power drop after mishaps
Less expensive
Can replace mechanics and electrics separately
Impenetrable to water
Solid state electronics
Ease of availability
Works with corroded connectors on the implement side