DT Series, Wedgelock, 4 Way, Green, Receptacle

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DEUTSCH DT style electrical connectors require secondary wedgelocks which are sold separately. The wedgelocks help confirm proper contact alignment within each connector. Secondary wedgelocks are assembled at the mating interface and press into place. If by chance the secondary wedgelocks are not properly seated during assembly, they will be pressed into locked position during the mating of the connector. Adding to the design flexibility of the DT series, several wedgelocks offer keying options. Wedgelocks for enhanced seal retention plugs (P012) are also available. The DT P012 plugs provide enhanced front seal retention resulting in an ultra tight environmental seal. The enhanced seal retention keeps the seal in place during mating and unmating. The P012 modification requires an enhanced P012 wedgelock . The DEUTSCH P012 modification is available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 cavity arrangements. P012 plugs have a black connector body except for the 8 and 12 cavity arrangements, where the color is based on the key.