3 Way MP 150 Series Kit: Plug, Receptacle, TPA Locks, Seals & Terminals

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Standard with 18-16awg, Kit Includes- OEM Connectors: Female 12110293 & Male 12129615 3 Circuit Metri-Pack 150 Sealed Connector Kit: Complete Kit, Plug, Receptacle, TPA Locks, Seals & Terminals-Standard with 18-16awg. Metri-Pack 150 Series. These in-line Delphi connectors are ideal for space-limited applications, and are used in high demand situations along with low-energy electronic circuits. As with all Metri-Packs, the Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) holds the terminals firmly in the connector bodies and act as strain reliefs. Delphi Connector Position Assurance (CPA) secures the mating halves together. The triple-rib silicone coated Packard cable seals ensure a completely sealed configuration. Rated for 16 volts and 14 amps.