About Us

Precision Farm Supply was born from the idea of doing ag better.  So many companies want to hand a customer a kit in a box and walk away.  This doesn't fly with us!  We want to provide quality parts tailored to each farmers specific needs and provide the support to back it up!

We have a huge inventory of wiring, connectors, tubing, heat shrink, fuses, and much more.  We only offer top quality products and components.  We all know the frustration of pinching a wire harness on a piece of equipment and then hoping the dealer had one in stock, otherwise we couldn't run that day.  We want to get you the necessary tools, supplies, and knowledge to fix the wires yourself, right there on the farm.  No more waiting for an expensive service call to come to you!

We are adding new products to the site daily, but if you don't see something you need, feel free to email us at: sales@precisionfarmsupply.com